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Clock time, psychological time…what?

The other day I mentioned something called clock time and psychological time. Those that have read Eckhart Tolle: The Power of Now, will be familiar with this(I am unaware of other authors that may have mentioned it) and those that haven't heard about such an existence...let me enlighten you. Trust me, it all makes so… Continue reading Clock time, psychological time…what?

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Nothing is done in vain.

Everything and everyone has their time. Their moment. We can’t measure a moment.   We all walk into and out of peoples lives for a reason. We all have something to share with the next and the majority may not even realise it.   Most will walk away with anger and resentment but there is… Continue reading Nothing is done in vain.

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Planning for the future?

Don't you love the feeling of looking forward to a quiet weekend at home...and then it turns into the absolute opposite instead. That is why when people ask me, what are your plans for the weekend, for the next five years or life in general, I respond with "I don't plan". Then you see the… Continue reading Planning for the future?

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It Happens To All of Us!

Bob Dylan sang about it “The times there are a changin'”   Every leader or politician promised change during their campaigns, knowing that it would resonate with people.   Every spiritual guide encourages change. Some may wonder what the big deal is, others may cringe at the thought of change and others will welcome it with open arms. Irrespective… Continue reading It Happens To All of Us!


You Can Do It Too!

  The last couple of posts have been real brain benders so I decided to keep it light today. How will I do that, no cooking clue hahaha. Did you look up towards the sky today? Did you look around you? Did you take a break from the pc, phone or book? Did you take… Continue reading You Can Do It Too!

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What do you choose?

Ahh there are so many things going on in my mind and I want to share all of it with you but I don't want to confuse you or end up confusing myself hahhaa. Those that know me, know that I talk about 5 different things at the same time and get to the point… Continue reading What do you choose?

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We Have It All!

Since surrendering to the blogging world, I have caught myself thinking about what I will write about in the next blog and just as I finally decide, I think of something else. Then it comes to actually starting with the blog and then its an entirely new topic. *face palm. There I was, procrastinating this… Continue reading We Have It All!

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How GRATEFUL are we…hmmm?

Even though I had planned to write about something completely different today, I decided that showing gratitude and talking about the meaning of it, was more important. Moral of the story, no point in planning, you can't anticipate the future. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To every single person that viewed the FIRST.EVER.BLOG I… Continue reading How GRATEFUL are we…hmmm?